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Beautiful crisp, sunny day, but I chose to work out on my cardio machine that gives me a total body workout...every muscle gets a good thats what I did

delivered some canned kitty food to my GF up the street as my kitty prefers dry, thank goodness, because that canned stuff smells horribly, LOL

Told my roommate that I am working tomorrow and I want my quiet, early to bed, and we will not have, any more, drama when I am working the next day or when I get home for work, UNLESS it is something real important and has to be addressed....

After she left for the evening, AGAIN, I noticed the "dog barrier" was again forgotten...we have to put my bike and a chair leading into the narrow foyer to keep the dogs from trying to barge out the door....HOW many times have I drilled her that this HAS to be done when exiting out the front door...I use the garage entrance,  but if I go out front?? I have to "block" them from trying to barge out the door....Low and behold, she forgot the barrier and this is the 2nd time

I just texted her and told her I will never forgive her if she omits this and my precious pets get out and are lost or killed by speeding cars.....I told her "NO ROOM for error on this---it MUST be done"  

I don't know how you deal with someone who "forgets" after we trained and trained on this....I gave her firm notice tonight....NO MORE FORGETTING this will be accepted or tolerated.....

When it comes to my fur babies, I don't fool around...break my stuff?? she can replace it....but how do you replace a pet???  you can't....I told her this and I am saving the text because if she is not going to practice safety protocols, she needs to find another place...

My fur kids mean everything to me....

anyway, today was more about taking care of my precious pets...

so how did you all take care of you????

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Rose, a work in progress!!!


~*Service Worker*~

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  smileThanks Rosie... I went out this aft and got a load of topsoil for my garden. aww ...


A Universe that Creates Flowers : Has to be Trustworthy.

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