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Another brilliant day,  but it did not start good...I had to do a lot of detaching as my roommate collapsed a 2nd bed..yea, I got angry, but I was very  careful NOT to call her any names,  I just said basically I was tired of my stuff being broken,  she had to provide her own bed....I was able to fix mine, thank God, it was just "pulled out pins" that held the head board together, I realigned them and superglued them back in their holes....problem solved

I did my income taxes and I did my disaster relief proof package for unemployment, fedx'ing it tomorrow....JUST in time because I did not know there was a time limit to get that in....HP had me get on their site, just messing about and I found that ruling...oooops didn't see it before, but problem solved

well AFTER all the problem solving , I decided   " more fixing/trouble shooting stuff"   I sat outside in the brilliant sunny day and roommate  made us a fabulous salmon pattie dinner with rice, seasoned with chicken and vegatables, and it was a great dinner,  THEN she cleaned up the kitchen after the fact....I gave her a hug and told her that was a great dinner and that I was not angry at accident with bed, part of it was my fault, I should have taken both beds out of the room and had her get her own bed or use boxspring and mattress on floor till she could get her own bed...I assured her that I knew she would never intentionally harm me or my stuff and I asked her to just ask questions if you're not sure about something and she does.....

I took care of me by being with my feelings and then detaching

THEN there are these horrible neighbors who play their music blasting loud and into the evening...I nicely told the guy  "can you please turn that down some, I can't hear my roommate when we are chatting"   he got really snarky and said  "well its not 10 pm yet and I'm playing my music till ten pm"  I looked at him and said  "you want it that way???  so this is what you are gonna do????  Okaaaaay" and I walked away, and hes smirking,  saying  "thank you,  thank you,  thank you"

I told roommie about it and I phoned the police to see what my rights are...they asked me if I wanted them to come and  neighbor is WATCHING me chat on my phone.....I told the police, I would let it pass THIS time, but if they persist in disturbing the peace, I would call back.....they said (police) that neighbors are NOT supposed to disturb the peace of others....well neighbor musta thought I was calling the cops because shortly afterwards, they turned it off at around 8:30 pm and it was quiet again....

WHY do some people think they are "entitled" to be a slimy little worm??? like I was NICE when I asked them to "turn it down some"   I really would rather live and let live, but I have the right to enjoy sitting in my back yard with roommate while we have our dinner and chat.....We are both quiet...I never let my pets impose on people...I mind my own business and NEVER impose on my neighbors with anything....I figure I'll wait and see if this is going to be a problem, then call the cops if this "man"  wants to make this an often times event.....

ONE of the reasons, why I am an introvert....i am just NOT into "people" that much....I much prefer my pets and nature.....

Recovery people are so cool, most of my friend, REAL close ones that is are all in recovery....

Anyway, what did you all do to take care of you???? 


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I.tend to take on the role of fixing other people. I.can let that burden be projected My friend has major problems with his house. He has major depression and severe health oroblems. This COVID crisis has left him on over whelm. Meantime another oerson who lived with him in the house took off and went abroad. Needless to say they are not paying rent I have ny own issues. Moving always leaves me exhausted at the best of times. Moving on top of COVID is total over kill .. Then I work at at a job where the schedule is pretty badly kept I get called into work Then I get even more exhausted So right now one of ny chief goals is getting out of exhausted Moving is hard for me. I have a friend lined uo to helo me. Really I need an army of heloers. A friend of mine used to an organizer. She used to work fir weeks on end organizing I need the same soace Getting off exhaustion is realky hard. I got to the point of being beyind tired Maresie

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