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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, 4/27, how self-esteem grows

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C2C, 4/27, how self-esteem grows

The reading for Monday, 4/27, discusses that if we want self-esteem to grow, we must love and accept ourselves as we are.  If we base our self-worth on what we do or what others think of us, we will block self-esteem.  We are not perfect, we cant make anyone else perfect, and we cant please everyone.  However, we are worthy of love, respect, and joy.

Todays Reminder:  Today, when faced with choices, I will opt for the path that enhances my self-esteem.


I can relate to this reading only too well.  Because I was taught to feel like a zero which lasted for many years, I had no self-esteem.  I worked so hard on worrying!  What did others think of me, and did I sound like a fool when I spoke, and on and on and on.  It was an extremely unpleasant existence.

I did improve over the years, but truly it is with alanon and the work with my sponsor, that moved me ahead.  And its so interesting to have self-esteem now, and that includes recognition of my character defects.  Its really OK to not be perfect and to make mistakes.  Grateful member, Lyne



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I sooooo relate Lyne.  I didn't start with great parenting until I reached the rooms of Al-Anon.  I found that what was missing from my life up till that time was true unconditional love.  The program gave me that in continuous  order.  Mahalo HP.  ((((hugs))) smile

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Thank you Lyne for your service
I was so full of self shame and revulsion at my own self, I hated me in a way. It wasnt until I got into Al-Anon and ACA
And was able to borrow other peoples love for me until I could grow some on my own
I still struggle with critical parent and shame over my past and now my financial situation but I just choose to give it over to HP and let go. Just do the best I can and try to do a lot of positive self talk to myself and on one day at a time Do something that shows self love


Rose, a work in progress!!!



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Beautiful shares

Before al-anon, I had a real identity crisis.  For me, working at the steps answered "why" self esteem becomes threatened. I really needed to know that.  because whenever it became threatened, my behavior became selfish, self seeking, dishonest, or fearful.

This reading mentions our true identity - - - "I am the child of a perfect Higher Power" sponsor used to tell me this.   Problem was, she could not say it often enough to make it stick.  It only seems to stick with a daily, continuous practice of turn turn turning, and deepened by the "experience" of step 11.  That joy has real staying power.

How many times my sponsors had said to me, "I cannot do this for you" and "I am not your Higher Power" and "Don't thank me, thank GOD." One would occasionally reject my phone calls to make me turn to God instead.  "Make it real," she would say.

Today's reminder is a good one, "I will opt for the path that enhances my self esteem."  I know that path as the daily continuous practice of 12 steps and particularly steps 3 and 11. On that path, there is no identity crisis. sooo grateful to have been given (((the guidebook)))

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