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Brilliant...gorgeous day....went to my GF's house and got my CAT back, LOL..Hes been "shacking up" there with his bro., because I was needing an outside play house for him to be in and not just his big crate in the office.....finally got it all put up outside....Dogs are not to be trusted with him yet, so I have to get them to be BF's in installments.....

had fun hanging out with his  "aunt and uncle" who were nice to babysit him for me while "uncle Ricky" built his  "cat play house"  so hes home, crashed out

I had this guy from the church call me hes like 8 years behind in filing his taxes and he said that everyone he called wanted a deposit and I just got done texting him as it is later in the evening, not wanting to do business on MY time, but I told him that was normal for ANY tax preparer/bookkeeper to ask for deposit on someone they don't know as that is a ton of software only goes back to 2017 so the rest would be manual,  old form, and yea, I told him I would talk with him, but to expect me to ask for depost UP FRONT b4 I tackle a job that big....I don't care if he is church or not, business is business

roommate was a big help getting the place tidyed up for kitty play pen outside, and yea, I took her shopping AGAIN as her car (thanks IRS for not giving us yet our stimulus checks)  anyway,  because she is using my favorite chair out in the yard,  she bought ME one at  "wallyworld"  Walmart and its a nice one....I accepted it with a "thank you"  and thought that was cool that she was willing to get ME one as she usurped my favorite one.....

Walmart is having us enter the building one way, leave the other....NOBODY hardly was there w/out a mask. so at least people are practicing safety...roommate didn't have one so I had extras that I made myself so I gave her one of my white ones....Told her that she "take care of it"  as I am not over endowed with masks....and it behooved me to do that because she lives with HER hygiene impacts me...I used some old T shirts and just made them myself....

anyway, it was a great, sunny,  laughter filled day.....making the best out of being under semi "house arrest"   I hear that they slowly want to re-open a lot of states....i'm going to be careful for a long time....gyms, they don't wash the equipment after they use it, I may work out at home,  just swim at the gyms...chlorine should knock out anything.....

Maresie, I am so glad you survived and are OK after catching the virus.....ya know??? when I joined up my church, it was like in January, I had this horrid dry cough, i mean I coughed and coughed and it was DRY....i was short of breath, and it hung on for a nearly a month...i as Ok enough to work but very tired and it took me a while to rebound.....and to think I played games with the seniors at the senior center while i was recovering....I just didn't know, and I stayed away from then when i felt real bad, but i would say 3 weeks I was sick.....I wonder----------------




Rose, a work in progress!!!


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