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~*Service Worker*~

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Hello Peeps:

I took care of me by:

video visit with doctor and we had a good chat till she told me virus hasn't even PEAKED, so we are in for a long 3 months or so....she said that Baylor (her corporation) is HOPING to see patients early to mid JULY..

so I did my gratitude list that I am OK...Needs met....bills paid....

Had to speak gently to my roommate who uses waaay too much not quite 2 weeks she used over 1,000 gallons...I told her we BOTH need to be mindful of long showers,  not doing so many loads of wash just because...not letting water run while you are soaping up the dishes...I am very mindful of utilities usage....I hate waste ,  I was nice, but set the boundary that we BOTH be mindful of our usage of the utilities....She said "OK"  because I never tell her something that isn't fair for me as well

THEN I went on a bike ride and chatted up the elderly lady up the street

my doctor suggested that I go PAY for a pneumonia shot at a pharmacie when I can wait and get it for nothing or maybe my low co-pay by waiting for HER office to do it...She said OK...with work drastically reduced, I am saying "no" to a lot of things that make sense and are just being efficient...

Roommate is a very nice lady, just needs to learn a few things as she has lived with her mom all her life and mom allowed a lot...roommate is 48 and its time to see the real world...she is renting from me and tho I want her to feel happy, safe, secure, and welcome, when i told her about my water bill,  I did say that we BOTH need to pay attention to our usage and be more efficient ...

I also took care of me by reaching out to  some loving friends and family of choice and chatted them up, just sharing and caring

I did my grateful list, thanking my HP for my needs being met and I have loving people in my life and I am healthy,  and I have a nice big back yard to play with my dogs....nice neighbors , lots to be grateful for and I can say what I mean, mean what I say and NOT say it mean....Roommate totally understood where I was coming from

AND I filed for my first unemployment payment, dunno how they are gonna figure out my benefits, but I just told them what jobs, I lost due to virus as they have special benefits for us contract workers.....whatever I get,  i will be grateful for




Rose, a work in progress!!!



~*Service Worker*~

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I took care of me by paying a bill. It is funny at the moment that there is a lot of fear. I have noticed that fear and money are a not good combination, and sometimes the instinct is to hoard it. Then it gets spent on basic stuff that gets one nowhere. So today I had what will be my last decent chunk of change for a while. I stayed in the now. I used it to pay my one bill for as far into advance as I could, and used the rest for food, keeping just a little for stuff like bread and milk. Some of my friends who are in long term debt suggested that this was a bad idea. But I think that is fear based. I have chickens running around in my backyard should I need to feed the kids and me. And a long standing relationship with the God of my understanding who has never but never dropped me on my head provided I did my part and showed up. I feel good today.

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