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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, 3/16

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C2C, 3/16

The reading for Monday, 3/16, reflects upon how difficult it can be to recognize progress.  And if our expectations are unrealistic, or we are thinking we will have rapid improvement, we can be disappointed.  The writer suggests comparing our present situation only to where we have been in the past.  We are also reminded to focus on progress instead of perfection.  The last sentence of the passage is excellent:  Today I am no longer seeking perfection; the only thing that matters is the direction in which Im moving. 


I like this reading a lot, and I can remember how much pain I was in when I entered program.  When was it going to change???  Well it changed when I changed, and those first couple of years were a slow go.  To find a sponsor, grasp the slogans, to go through the Steps, get comfortable in my F2F, could not be done overnight.  Furthermore, to change my focus from my A, which it had been on for many years, to myself, was no easy task.    But over time with practice, patience, and support, I do see the light.  I feel so much better much of the time, and even when bad times come, I know they will pass.  And I can see progress, in spite of being imperfect, and that feels great.  I am so grateful for this program and the people walking the path with me....Lyne



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Thank you Lyne for your service.
I pray that all my friends here on MIP are healthy.

In the beginning it was such a slow-go, that I wondered if I had progressed at all! My sponsor and friends closest to me assure me that I had made progress.
It took a very long time to understand that I could not perfect this... I still work on my need for self-perfection.

Thank goodness for my program!

Stay distanced, stay safe. Enjoy the day.




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Hey MIP family - Happy Monday to all. Thank you Lyne for the daily and your service. Thank you both for your shares and ESH. I too arrived broken, angry and in tons of pain. I really, really wanted relief and was quite 'put off' when it was suggested I change!! Yet, when I got real and tried recovery as suggested, change began. Nobody around me even cared or noticed and that's OK! I felt better, I found relief - and enough hope to continue.

Fast forward and what I have discovered as as I have changed, others have too. It has nothing to do with me asking, demanding, hoping, etc. for change in others - it's just happened. I was pondering 'this' over the weekend as our dog was crossing recovery, we often talk about attraction vs. promotion. I believe that my family has evolved, slightly and slowly, yet evolved in a positive way just by my example of being a calmer, more positive person, in the face of all that is 'life'.

There has been many things (not fun) happen since November for me. I have had the chance to spend quite a bit of time pausing and praying before I proceed and I do see progress in my life. When things are going along smoothly, it's really easy for me to fall into a groove of gratitude, joy and serenity. It's when there are waves, storms, tornadoes and more yet I still am grateful, joyous and serene that I can see the progress.

I'm hibernating and encouraging others to do so. We've set up text chains to have recovery discussions and for anyone in crisis. We are not heavily affected in our area, but are committed to do our part in slowing the spread. Stay safe, distant and well MIP family....


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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