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Post Info TOPIC: C2C, 2/3

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C2C, 2/3

The reading for Monday, 2/3, talks about the gifts and meaning of serenity.  The author learned that serenity was not curing the A, paying the electric bill, or sitting on a mountain top.  Serenity gave the author freedom to live their life as fully and passionately as possible.  It tapped into an unlimited source of energy and wisdom, HP.  The author was able to deal with life and explore their full potential as a human being.

Quote:  Without this program I could not have appreciated how truly wonderful my life can be in spite of difficult situations.


During my first few years in alanon, I was not able to understand this passage.  The amount of emotional pain I was in colored everything about my life.  But over time, I not only could understand what serenity was, but I now live with many happy and peaceful days, in spite of very trying circumstances.  I am able to experience joy and gratitude, and I never would have thought this possible.  Its a process of change and healing that occurs with program.  I have needed patience and acceptance, and I can now do this!  Lyne



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Thank you Lyne for your service, the daily and your share/ESH! What a great quote - - - Quote: Without this program I could not have appreciated how truly wonderful my life can be in spite of difficult situations. - - - that perfectly summarizes my personal experience. By simply setting aside my ego, and practicing what others who came before me suggested, I have a life and a love of life far greater than I imagined.

I arrived truly feeling and believing that my life was horrid and would always be. I had no hope and an extremely 'stuck' way of thinking, reacting, processing, etc. Yet, from the first meeting I attended WITH AN OPEN MIND, there was a shift within me. Today, I know that had nothing to do with me, my will, my smarts, etc. - I believe it was divinely inspired.

In spite of a legacy full of displeasure with the word God, and all that it brought forward in my mind from my youth, I have been able to carve out a God of my understanding that I fully trust and relate with/to. There is an immeasurable amount of comfort and peace within me, as I've grown to trust in my Higher Power and practice recovery in all my affairs, One Day at a Time!

My team won the Super Bowl! 50 years later, they did it! I am way out in suburbia, and yet - the whole city/area was loud, proud and lit last night after the game. There's actually fireworks that show on weather radar after the game ended - it was loud, loud, loud and bright! I am so grateful that my sweet dog has lost most of her hearing or she would have been more panicked!

Love and light MIP family - I'm off to golf today then have tacos this evening! Our area will be wearing red, cheering loudly and celebrating the win for a long while....(((Hugs)))


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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Thank you Lyne for your service.
I am now (I think) at the point of my journey where I am moving into this way of thinking.

Iamhere - thank you for your ESH. I could really relate with your 3rd paragraph. I am growing into trusting my HP!

Congrats on the win! I was actually scared the first half, as Mahomes wasn't his usual QB self! But they all worked to pull it off in the end, and now all their fans can celebrate! Woot!

Possibly my favorite moments of the SB were the Google commercial (I actually cried at my SB party!), and the Confetti Angels at the end of the game!

I am starting my day off with a long list of Gratitudes... We had wicked, scary wind here, & I got zero sleep! So I know today will be rough for me... thus the need for the Gratitude!! LOL!




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"The wolf that thrives, is the one you feed." - Cherokee legend

"I don't ask for much, I only want Trust... and you know it don't come easy." - Ringo Starr

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Thank you for Your Post & Service :)

THIS: Quote: Without this program I could not have appreciated how truly wonderful my life can be in spite of difficult situations.

I Remember My First Couple F2F Meetings, and How Everyone there, would talk about being "Happy, Joyous & Free" and I Honestly believed that meant Everyone But ME Would Get there! I Had No Clue what I Liked to do? What I Wanted from Life? Where I was In My Head Emotionally? My Health was Terrible for my Age, and Spiritually I Checked Out LONG AGO!

When My Sponsor Once Ask me "Did you Stop & Smell your Rose's today?" I Chuckled and Said... "No Why?" and She Loving Said... "Just do it And Get back to Me!" So the Next Chance I Got, I Went and Smelled My Roses! Which are in a Flower Bed Next to where I Park! And Next time I Seen her, I Said... "Hey, I Stopped and Smelled My Roses!" lol and She said! Well what did ya Learn? I Said, "Well, Two Smell Really Good, and One Didn't have Near the Smell I thought they would!" and She Smiled and Said, You had those Rose's How Many Years, and Just Now Smelled them... Aren't ya Glad you Did? :)

Well NOW! When they are In Bloom, I Make it a Point to Smell them, Just about Every time I Go to My Vehicle, and it's a Nice Reminder to Slow Down! Take a Deep Breathe, and Just BE IN The Moment! I had No Clue why she wanted me to Smell those Roses, but in Doing So! I Grew! Right Along Side those Rose's... Just Taking that Couple Seconds every time I Walked by to Smell them, Taught me to Appreciate my Hard Work in Keeping them Alive, and Now They are Even More Beautiful then I Remember them Being when I Planted them! I've Learned to Not Just Appreciate the BIG Stuff, but to be Present in the Little Stuff too!

Today My Gratitude Overflows, In the Face of Difficulty & Even at the Simple things, I Once Took for Granted... So Grateful to be Here...

Thanks for Letting Me Share



Thee Only Journey I Control Is MY Own :)

Gratitude.... Is a God Honoring Attitude! :D

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LOvely reminder Lyne Serenity Was a huge gift I accepted by working this program




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In the past I could very easily be consumed with resentment. I am not allowing myself to go there .. That is a big development for me

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