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Post Info TOPIC: ODAT Reading 8-7

~*Service Worker*~

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ODAT Reading 8-7

The ODAT reading for 8-7 

Speaks about using the slogans and suggest  keeping one at the forefront of our mind every day so that our troubles do not crowded out program principles.  The reading points out the slogan "let go and let God" suggests that more tightly clutching our problems to our thoughts and in our in mind,we reduce the  less opportunity for HP  to help us with important inspiration. Saying a small phrase over and over in our minds provides a sense of freedom and relaxation that nothing seems as  difficult as before,   The concept of simply letting go allows us to drop a heavyweight ,  We really must remember that God's helps is always available as we  only have to make room for it and act on the guidance we receive
Have  a great day.





~*Service Worker*~

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Good morning Betty & MIP. Thank you for your service, the daily and your ESH Betty. This slogan is my go-to often and critical for today. I have a ton going on in my life, all of which is outside my control. I am leaning heavily into my recovery, my HP and my support system.

What I do know is no matter how painful life feels this morning, I have tools to get through it. I am supposed to be headed to the golf course, and it's raining. I would love to just cancel, yet I know that stewing over 'life' is not the best next right thing.

Let go and Let God is my motto for today and remembering there is a master plan and it's not mine weighs in my thoughts today too. (((Hugs)))


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



~*Service Worker*~

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Thanks Betty and IAH. I like the suggestion for taking a slogan each day and keeping it in mind throughout the day. I will also accept Let go and let God for my daily slogan. There are also things I don't like, out of my control, and I have a choice to fret about them all day, or let go and let God. I will take the latter. What I have learned in Alanon is that I can still have a good day, even when events are happening I don't want and don't like. That's a true blessing of this program that helps me all the time. Lyne



~*Service Worker*~

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Thanks for your service, Betty, and all the ESH above. "Let go and let God" and steps 1-3 have been on my mind lately quite a lot. It seems I am actually learning to do that in life, bit by bit, and its not just a sort of hypothethical future thingy I hope to be able to do someday, its coming into my life now :)) I'm very grateful to this program. I have an ever more growing hope I won't have to spend the rest of my life as a nutcase pretending to be normal and just surviving somehow.


~*Service Worker*~

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thank you (((Betty))) mine has been of late "keep focus on me" and "Keep it simple" and also the one of letting go..letting HP

this am, I am trying to finish the "strengthening/fixing up of" my chain link fence and I had this little niggling problem I just could not fix...I was getting frustrated and finally took my tools ready for work, checked my email, etc., and just said to myself "step back...quit fighting it....answer will come" and i did some good self talk....a solution popped in my mind as I was in the shower.........did my work...came some zip ties for that "weak" corner and problem solved..I'll get some baling wire which will last longer when I can but zip ties working fine for now....and you can hardly see it.......a couple of my T-post "enhancers" lean in a bit, but no worries...all in all I did a good job because I don't shoot for perfection anymore.....good and "it works" is good enough

thanks for your awesome service




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