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Post Info TOPIC: Stretching my wings a little further....

~*Service Worker*~

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Stretching my wings a little further....

 Toroa nui, toroa roa, toroa iti i te hauiti...

The albatross sours high, but in small wind, it is small.


In Ao-NZ each tribe or clan has its own sayings, and songs, so I coined this one myself. On our own we are nothing sometimes. At best we are lonely and at worst we are scared and terrified.

I was always scared to say anything. Once I found a voice I was at junior level- and had to test and find my boundaries.

There were some people in Alanon who seemed to say that everything was wrong. I picked that up in my family too.

So last night I went to the nearest live meeting. I have been a few times and always arrived a minute or two late. This time I went early. It is dark in the evenings now- and I was able to travel safely- without feeling that i had to overtake too much.

The meeting up the road is burgeoning- it always has had a strong male presence. When I came through Alanon I was the only male in the group- most of the time.

I am a visitor there, and don't plan to become a regular member. I would help set up a group here, here in Crambletown, if there were a few members needing a meeting.

The group rep is going to the assembly towards the end of the month- offered rides... he actually challenged me to come back to the meetings.

I penciled in I might go- will make up my mind closer to time- family always comes first for me.

I have done some mentoring in the church in recent times- found a church that was willing to let me exercise my skills and talents. [At long last!]


I have some issues... mostly I have them in hand and just need time to work through the stuff... "old habits die hard!"

But three or four hours of car time would not go amiss...


I am aware in the USA the "service" means a lot to the American culture. And so too inside of our groups... 

I do not talk much about 'old timers'. In my thinking I think "12 steppers". 

A 12 stepper can pop up at any age!


It takes one to know one... I thought I saw a lot of people thrashing around in the middle steps... And yes, I was among them...

Easy does it; let go and let God, keep it simple, one day at a time... I can trot out slogans and sometimes miss the point... biggrin 


The song is about a small bushy tree, the kahikatea. It has to stick together with its family to withstand the buffeting of the winds.


One day at a time.

~*Service Worker*~

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Hi David setting up an Alanon group is a very rewarding experience. . WSO helped me with meeting literature, meeting guidelines and many other small but important details. I kwow the group that you are going to participate in is a Church Group so I wish you great success in this endeavor . Love the song




~*Service Worker*~

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You do good worry it is your nature (spirit) to do good so my thoughts and prayers go with this.  I also loved the UTube presentation.  Great setting (((Hugs))) smile


~*Service Worker*~

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Dear (((((David))))) I can't think of anyone better than you to do this group....Gee I wish I was in NZ, I would go...for sure......sending you good energy to follow your dreams and heart and make it happen.................HUGS




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Awesome! Just awesome! I wish you were here. I do NOT have enough time, experience and all that goes with recovery to start a group or I certainly would. I have started other groups in the past. My whole being cringes when I look at the travel time and hours to get to one single f2f meeting! You will be so very appreciated and will save at least one grumpy soul who has to travel too far lol!!!

Hats off to you!!

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