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Post Info TOPIC: Focusing on you for a change


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Focusing on you for a change


ive posted some grim depressive stuff on here since October.  my Relationship with Ex came to An abrupt end and it wasnt my choice and I found it hard.  Massively hard. I had self doubt no confidence and I was broken

the fact they wouldnt speak or acknowledgw or show any remorse was probably the most difficlt part

coming on here helped so much and I would just like to say thank you

i surrounded myself with my family who love me - friends and had to have therapy.

I did not want to even be here at Christmas.  But Ive slowly picked myself up and told myself daily im worthy 

and I need to start valuing myself.

i have 2 jobs interviews next week which I never thought I would get or even have the confidence to entertain.

after Christmas I reached out to my ex one final time.  Just for closure - it had been 3 months and I have them one last chance to speak to me before I closed the door on everything.

surprisingly they met me.  Very emotional and somewhwre in it all I got an apologY.

althoigh Ill grieve again for the relationship I feel like I have closure now and I can concentrate on the rest of my life.  

i might not get the job but just to have an interview has boosted my low mood massively.  Ive even been to the gym and gone walking.  Focusing on me and my life instead od having raging anxiety and worrying about them


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Hey Carly - good to see you again and great to hear of your progress. Wishing you the greatest interviews possible and a positive outcome! Keep doing you - you are worth it....keep coming back! Glad that got some closure also - lovely to hear you have good family & friends for support. (((Hugs)))


Practice the PAUSE...Pause before judging.  Pause before assuming.  Pause before accusing.  Pause whenever you are about to react harshly and you will avoid doing and saying things you will later regret.  ~~~~  Lori Deschene



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 I had a bust-up with my cousin last year. I backed off and decided this it it! I quit.

[Not the same as a SO- but this is my experience.] Esh... last week I decided to drop in anyways- got a warm welcome... and we made up. We talked about our favourite aunt...

... anyway that aunt passed on Tuesday. A private invite only funeral... so I had picked my time to honour her- share the burden- and to mend at least one fence. The timing was right. The will was there...

...I could not always pick up the big pieces that were broken. But taking care of me, and at least fixing something, got me by... until I was strong enough...

Thanks for your share Carly... made me feel that we are never alone... nor should we... 


One day at a time.

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Hey, Carly, thanks for posting, its great that you had a closure you needed and are focusing on you :) I wish you best with your interviews!


~*Service Worker*~

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Hi Carly Thanks for reminding me that "Letting go and letting Gd " works.
Happy New Year




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I learned by letting go that I gave my HP an opportunity to take charge without my interference which is what happens twix me and HP.  Good for you Carly.  It worked for you also DavidG...awesome.  (((hugs))) biggrin 

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