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Post Info TOPIC: 3 day Sobriety ended


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3 day Sobriety ended

Well, the 3 day's of no drink ended today. He just bought a beer. Just one. He doesn't have any money and I won't give him any for beer.

I noticed in my last posting of "last Night" that the last 2 people think I have a 2 year old daughter. Wrong. I only have a 12 year old stepdaughter and she doesn't live with us. I have no children of my own. Just thought I'd clear that one up.

I have been trying to adjust my stinking thinking and reading my books everyday and that helps. I need to control how I react and what mood I'm in. That in itself will be a battle. I am also battling a weight problem that stemmed from my A father. I took solice in food when times got bad and that's a problem of 20 years or so that needs to be worked out. That's hard because I am an emotional eater and guess what, when stress happens with my A, I run to the fridge. Mostly junk food. But I ma trying to better myself. My mind and my body.

Pray for me! Cause I smell some good food coming from the kitchen now! Hubby is cooking and he's especially making some corn bread. Gosh I am hungry! I've been drinking water all day and running to the bathroom every 30 minutes!

I guess the evening will go okay. I have laundry to do and reading to do. Plus I determine what happens if I react to him and I pray strength on me now!

Have a blessed night!


Debbie Johnson


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sweet sis,

hang in there! You can do it.  Don't worry about the eating thing.  Progress not perfection - one day at a time!

love ya,



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Hi Debalina36

its so hard to break old habits/comforts do you know what i do when i'm stressed (this is going to sound a bit crazy) i pee all the time.  I keep tinkling every 10 or 15 minutes when i'm stressed, when i'm not stressed i'm fine i can go eatings not so bad i suppose, maybe try to just have a little of the foods you like that may be easier than not having them at all

Thinking of you

Keep smiling



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Deb, sorry to hear about the sobriety ending...and it seems like you have a great attitude about it.  I am also glad that your hubby is cooking for you and is a part of your life in a positive way.  I know what you mean about not saying anything about the drinking.  It seems that in my case, it doesn't do a bit of good.  He does what he wants anyway.  Sometimes, though, I just have to let it out.  Just remember that we don't have any control of it.  Continue to take care of YOU and be good to you.  Blessings to you.    Annie


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hi, well dear for me I think health. It has made all the difference for me. I keep apples and grapes and carrots around and lovem...

Anyway I stopped even thinking about my A husbands drugs. I figured it was none of my business. Also I cannot control it anyway.

I have heard it called stick to taking your own inventory. My A had his own demons and he was the only one who could deal with it or not.

sober, using whatever, I loved him and love him. He is controlled by a powerful, horrible disease. I am completely helpless to do anything but take care of me. In taking care of me, it takes any weight off him.

If I don't play any part in his using or not, he does not have to feel guilty. It is not my inventory.

I don't want anyone taking mine either.

I don't even want to hear about it. I mean my mom was dieing from breast cancer. When we talked we did not talk about cancer and how advanced it was or how bad she felt.

We talked about life and memories, she never complained, not once. Now if she needed to talk about it of course we would. But I did not take inventory of her disease. I would have, i would have taken allll the weight of it if I could have. But I couldn't . So i reassured her I was ok.

That made her feel better.

I am not sure I am even making sense. all I know is if we love our
a's, we have to give them the honor to be who ever they are and not count or judge their behavior. I always felt that was not my job.

I can tell you are a loving person. You are one who would like the getting them sober book.

much love to you and your a, debilyn


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I am sorry that the sobriety ended. My A was sober for 5 months and when he started drinking again I was crushed. I forgot the steps, fell into a hole, then I pulled myself back out with the help of alanon.

I too am a "comfort eater". I was thin my whole life but put on some weight due to stress over the last few years. Last year I was tired of the weight and I bought a mountain bike from a co-worker. I could not ride even 100 yards at first. I walked the bike.

After 2 months I could ride 40 miles. I continue to ride. Food is still attractive for "comfort" but I make sure now that I have healthy food around me, yogurt, bananas, apples etc

Do something nice for you today


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