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Post Info TOPIC: Courage to Change 17/6

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Courage to Change 17/6

Today's C2C discusses the fact that when we work a program and start to arm ourselves with al-anon tools, we can find ourselves growing through difficult situations that we might previously have thought were intolerable. But whether we learn to be at peace with an unpleasant situation or find a way out of it, many of us continue to worry. What if things get bad again? What if al-anon doesn't work the next time? What if, what if, what if. Projecting into the future is a very negative tool many of us find ourselves still clinging on to and we can waste a lot of time and energy imagining disasters that have not yet come to pass.

But we have no way to predict the future. What we can do is appreciate how far we have come and trust that whatever happens, we will have the tools to cope with it and a HP who has our backs. 

The reading is a reminder to appreciate how much progress we have made, and remember to trust in our own recovery and tools when we find ourselves worrying about future events.

"We might not recognise our progress right away, but the effects of working the al-anon program are profound and lasting" (In all our affairs)


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Great reminder Ms.M Thank you.   I do find it very important  to review my day each evening (10 th Step) and reflect on my new responses  and acknowledge the fact that i am  no longer "reacting" but responding in a healthy manner

Thanks for your service,  Have  a great day 






~*Service Worker*~

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Thank you, MissM for your service.

This is an especially difficult concept for me to embrace due to my personality make-up. It is one of the reasons I flourished in Camp-Fire Girls and made a great Scout Den Leader... and probably why I am a good organizer of events... because I am usually prepared for anything. But having this trait can also be very hard. I find it hard to do 'One Day At a Time,' and particularly hard to keep from 'What If'ing.'

Thank you for reminding me that there are ways to help me remember to stay in the moment.

Music makes my soul soar!
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