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Post Info TOPIC: O-ANon


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I see there are a number of people looking for help with family/friends with eating disorders.  I went to an O-ANon meeting 20+ years ago in Cincinnati.  I had contact with O-Anon several years ago, but it was petering out at the time.  I notice that people are asking for information.  The best information for OA that i have personally found is a strong OA meeting on the phone.  If you are interested, please let me know on this site.  I don't know whether I should put the phone # here or not.  The meeting is taped and can be accessed 24/7.  So many of my friends are compulsive overeaters, anorexic, food addicts... whatever you call us.  I hope we can resurrect O-Anon.  Oh, I can give the website:
This is for compulsive overeaters, but family members could learn a lot from it.



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I too was and still could be considered an over eater. In 1995, I had the by-pass surgery performed and lost 167 pounds. I stayed that way until 2006 when i began the struggle with my active alcoholic husband. Since then, I have put back on 40 lbs. I am sick about it but still like the idea that I am 100 lbs. lighter than i was at my heaviest. I must remember this to keep from beating my self up emotionally.

Let me know if you get a group together. I'd love to listen in. I am a stress eater and believe me, I am going through stress currently!

Patricia O'Connor

~*Service Worker*~

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Hi Judith....
Regarding your post today re: O-Anon.... Not sure if I'm comfortable of the "fit" on our website.... Yes, many of our members are probably interested, and can get value from it, but it is also quite separate from the main purpose of the board - which is to give an information and exchange to do with alcoholism and/or other addictions....

O-Anon, along with programs like CODA, etc., are all very valuable programs, but perhaps not on this forum...

As a result, I have chosen to close this thread - members can Google items like this on their own, and we do appreciate the information.



"He is either gonna drink, or he won't.... what are YOU gonna do?"

"What you think of me is none of my business"

"Focus on the whats, and not the whys, as the whys will eat us up"





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