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Post Info TOPIC: Daily Readings - where to start...

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Daily Readings - where to start...

Book reviews wanted...

Hi all and happy weekend!

So, I have been reading lots & lots on this site all week (seems so long and so short at the same time).  I know that there are a lot of Al Anon and related books out there - what are your favorites - especially at the beginning of your journey?  There is no wrong answer - would just like some personal reviews!

Thanks in advance,


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I really like Courage to Change and One Day at a Time. Hope for today is also great I think that's for adult children of alcoholics. Those are daily readers..just a page a day!

How Alanon for friends and family is also great! I go back and reread chapters often! Has all the alanon basics in it!

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At the beginning of my journey it was the One Day AT A Time (ODAAT) in Al-Anon
although I had also read many of the pamphlets too.  I wanted to know how to use
that tool beside it being a daily reader and one of the members showed me how to
use the index when I had a need to focus on certain subjects.  I memorized the
One Day at a Time pamphlet because I had no plan for my life and was in danger
of having the disease continue to rule my reactions.  That pamphlet became my daily
planner.  As We Understood was published outside of the world conference in Canada
I believe and it was such a spiritual elevator for me years ago and again just recently
as I started rereading it.  The monthly Forum is a biggie for all of our meetings and we
lay them out for the membership who don't have a subscription of their own to take one
or more home with them for casual reflective reading.  The stories come from around
the world so there are many different angles on recovery to be had.  There is also
stories from Alateen and I did long service in Alateen; what an amazing time in my
own recovery.  I will always be grateful for that service period.  My spouse and I have
a whole library of the literature.  The foundation of our library is How Al-Anon Works
our own Big Book and Paths to Recovery.   If you're new to the program take a look
at How Al-Anon Works and look and see what other members around you are using's a good clue.    (((((Hugs))))) smile


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Everything Jerry F said :)
Start at the beginning I would say. One Day at a Time daily reader is a great beginning, starting with today's page :)



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All the books suggested thus far are awesome, and do a ton of good.... For me personally, "Getting Them Sober". (particularly volume one), by Toby Rice Drews - brought it all home for me and got me on the right track....



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Well for me after alot of sleeps in this program , its still our ODAT * One day at a time *  first daily reader published by Al-Anon it is especially good for new commers , it offers a solution on every page if your looking for it .    the paragraphs are short and sweet and too the point .   I also like our book  How Al-Anon works every thing u need to know is in that book .  just my opinion .  good luck   Louise


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I started with One Day at a Time (daily reader), as well as Paths to Recovery (detail on the steps and traditions). I also read Getting the Sober, which was really helpful as well.


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Festfan wrote:
I know that there are a lot of Al Anon and related books out there - what are your favorites - especially at the beginning of your journey?  There is no wrong answer - would just like some personal reviews!

Hello Fest,

The very first book that was suggested for me at my first meeting,

the one that kept me coming back (I had tried a couple a few years prior)

by my then temporary sponsor was -

Courage to Change (for a daily reader, still a favorite)

I then asked fellow members what they suggested to follow up with -

Oldtimers felt One Day at a Time in Al-Anon was their choice for another
daily reader

although for me to better familiar myself with both the disease
and the hope available mentioned -

How Al-Anon Works for Families and Friends of Alcoholics

which to this day remains a favorite bigger read.

I believe my third purchase was One Day at a Time in Al-Anon

I also loved The Beginner's Packet, in it were staples like -

the bookmarker Just For Today

and the pamphlet -

Al-Anon Spoken Here, which helped me begin to understand the importance
of starting out with only CAL Literature - why it's best not to share

about other programs or books, how it dilutes our very simple message that
is founded
on the spiritual principles of the Traditions.


serenity is a gift

~*Service Worker*~

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Adding to my book tool box listing -

Paths to Recovery, Al-Anon's Steps, Traditions, and Concepts

(have sent this to a couple of members as well)
I've found it's a good one for
writing questions found within it placing
in a bowl, passing around
picking questions out of for a meeting topic.
Also when speaking with someone
on the phone list it's been a good
reference go-to book, full of tools and solutions.


serenity is a gift

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